SnR's Farm

Nigerian Dwarf & F1 Mini Alpine Dairy Goats




C-Springs Bleubelle VEEE90 (aka Bell) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Bell is our oldest doe
Big W & SnR's Blue Pixie Dust's dam. 

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Big W & SnR's Blue Pixie Dust (aka Pixie) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Pixie is blue eyed

She is SnR's Little Pixie Peach Girl 


SnR's Pixies Queen Clarion's dam.  

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Calico Creek Amunet of Thebes +V++84 (aka Amunet) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Amunet is our smallest doe.

She is Calico Creek Queen Cleopatra


SnR's MS Golden Sahara Sands dam.

Amunet is a full sister to the 2013

AGS Reserve National Champion Sr. Doe

Calico Creek Cinder

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Calico Creek Queen Cleopatra (aka Cleo) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Cloe is one of our better bred does


 SnR's ACA Razy Ema Blue Attire's Dam

For more on Cloe Click Here

Poppy Patch Devil Wears Prada (aka Prada) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

For more on Prada Click Here

SnR's Little Pixie Peach Girl +V+V86 (aka Pig-get) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Pig-get is

Pixie's 2014 doeling


For more on Pig-get Click Here
SnR's ACA Razy Ema Blue Attire +V++82 (aka Reba) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Reba is Cleo's 2016 doeling

For more on Reba click here

SnR's MS Golden Sahara Sands AV++82 (aka Sahara)(ADGA & AGS Registered)

Sahara is Amunte's 2016 doeling

Photo coming soon

For more on Sahara click here.

SnR's ACA Pixies Queen Clarion (aka Clair) (ADGA & AGS Registered)

Clair is Pixie's 2016 doeling

Better photo coming soon

For more on Clair click here.

SnR's OL Xena The Amazon Queen (aka Amazon) (Will be ADGA & AGS Registered)

Amazon is Amunet's 2017 doeling

Better photo coming soon

For more on Amazon click here

SnR's OL Lovely Little Miracle (aka Baby Girl/Scrawny)

Miracle is Sahara's 2017 doeling

Better photo coming soon

For more on Miracle click here

American Alpine Doe's


Sequoia Wood Sweetheart Nuella (aka Nuella) (ADGA Registered)

Nuella is an American Alpine
registered with ADGA

For more on Nuella Click Here!

SnR's ZS Silver Sky (aka Sky) (ADGA Registered)

For Sale: $400.00

Sky is recorded with ADGA as a

75 % Recorded Grade Alpine

For more on Sky click here.

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